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Health Guarantee

This is a contract between Starfire Schnauzers (seller) and the buyer (you). This guarantee in non-transferable.

Be sure this is the puppy for you. Everyone has an opinion on dogs. We do not offer refunds because your spouse, kids, sister, aunt, vet, co-work, etc., thinks a different puppy is prettier, smarter or better. It is too hard on the puppy to be repeatedly displaced and/or rehomed. If the puppy is returned within the first 30 days for ANY reason other than an immediate life-threatening genetic defect, a RETURN FEE of $100 will be assessed. If the puppy has a health defect, the purchase price (less the $100) will be kept on the books for the purchase of a replacement puppy (my choice) of equal or lesser value. This puppy purchase credit is valid for 2 future litters. If replacement puppy is not accepted within this timeframe, the replacement offer is void and no refund or replacement will be made. This is meant to discourage anyone from buying the puppy on a whim and then changing their mind. A dog is a long term investment… be sure this is the puppy for you.

1) 72 Hour Health Warranty: This puppy is in good health to the best of my knowledge by my own observation and by using a seasoned veterinarian for exams. You have 72 hours to have your new puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian, excluding Saturday & Sunday. Puppies picked up on Friday, must be seen by vet on Monday. Failure to have the puppy checked within these 72 hours voids the guarantees. Seller guarantees against fatal viruses for 72 hours after purchase. These include, but are not limited to, PARVO, DISTEMPER, CORONA. No guarantee on fatal viruses after 72 hours. They are very contagious and can be picked up anywhere. If for some reason, your puppy would pass away before it is shipped to you, a replacement puppy will be given of equal value, as determined by seller. No refunds will be given. In addition we cannot guarantee your puppy will not pick up Coccidia, Giardia, worms, ear mites, or kennel cough. These are conditions your vet will look for every year and are very common. It does not signify a serious health issue unless left untreated.

2) 1 Year Health Guarantee: Puppy is guaranteed against any congenital disease that results in an unfortunate death of the puppy within the first 12 months of life. If the puppy dies then the buyer will pay for a necropsy to ascertain reason for death. If the reason is congenital (congenital defects are abnormalities at birth unfound by vets that causes a puppy to die and which are untreatable and mean certain or early death), I will replace the puppy at no additional cost to the original owner. An autopsy examination by an accredited institution set up to do such exams, such as a university or state lab, must accompany the request for a puppy replacement within the first year. Autopsies done by a local veterinarian or vet specialist is not accepted. The owner of the pup will pay the expenses. Ear cropping, and any vet expenses incurred by you/buyer will not be included. Puppy will be replaced from a future litter within 2 litters (normally 2 years), no money  will be refunded. We hold the option to replace the puppy with a puppy of our said equal quality. You are responsible for all fees, except price of the puppy. The breeder may offer to replace with another pup from another reputable breeder. Breeder will not replace or refund for any personal reasons, not limited to, allergies, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, family disagreement or any other problems not related to health, for a puppy’s illness caused by neglect, exposure to weather, injury, choking, poisoning, etc. We do not guarantee for any type hernias, patella luxation, entropion, shot knots or retained testicles. We do not guarantee environmental allergies, food allergies, hypoglycemia, and retained teeth, over or under bites, minor heart murmurs level 1 or 2, or thyroid issues. As well as other common and non-life threatening conditions that may develop throughout the life of the dog. We do not guarantee against unknown defective genes that does not produce a non-treatable life threatening illness within the guarantee period.

Note: We carefully pair are parents to produce the most desirable dogs possible. However, once that is done we are at the mercy of Nature to determine the outcome. I don’t control the number of puppies in a litter. I cannot guarantee adult size of each puppy. I can only estimate the size based on weight and the size of the parents. Puppies could grow larger or stay smaller than projected size, the same as children. I cannot guarantee ears will stay floppy or up, anything can happen in schnauzer ears. I do not guarantee color, coat type, show ability, disposition or lifespan.

3) Vaccines: Puppy vaccines must be no less than three weeks apart and no more than four weeks apart for a series of three. Rabies vaccines cannot be administered before 16 weeks of age. Monthly heartworm preventative is required; these vaccines/medications are a required part of the health guarantee. Flea preventatives as well as additional vaccines to protect the health of your puppy should be discussed with your vet.

4) Spay/Neuter: You are purchasing an AKC puppy with limited registration. Buyer DOES NOT have breeding rights. After many years of research, the studies are indicating that spaying and neutering may pose long term health issues. For this reason we are no longer insisting that our buyers spay or neuter their dogs. This change in policy in no way changes your (Buyers) right to breed your puppy.

Never spay or neuter a puppy before its 5 months old to insure the dog’s health. If they are fixed before 5 months of age the puppy loses vital hormones which it needs to develop. Without these hormones your puppy will not develop the bone and muscle mass it needs to be healthy.

We occasional do grant breeding rights, on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs with us.

5) Public Exposure: Although you may be tempted to rush to the pet store, parks, etc. to show off your new pup, until they have received all vaccines and  rabies, you expose your new baby to unnecessary risks. Doing any of the above before vaccines are completed will void the Health Warranty. Leave your puppy in its crate or on your lap at your vet visit; remember sick dogs go to the vet too. Parvo and Distemper are very contagious and can kill a young pup within hours.

6) Abuse & Neglect: This guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse or neglect. This includes failure to complete vaccinations, worming and puppy checks with a qualified veterinarian. Proof of said maintenance must be furnished upon request of breeder. You have purchased this puppy as a pet, companion and family member and it is expected that Buyer will treat it with love and kindness.

7) Changing Possession: We understand that circumstances can arise and sometimes it is necessary to find the puppy/dog another home. We understand this and will work closely with each individual family to find another loving home for their puppy or they have the option to send the puppy back at their own expense. The dog will be returned with their veterinarian records and all paperwork issued for the dog, including any registration documents. We are always willing to take dog back at no cost to us at any time in their life. We do not want any of ours dogs in any shelter or rescue. Our puppies always have a home with us.

8) Signature: This agreement has been entered into by us (Starfire Schnauzers) and you in the state of Virginia and the laws of the State of Virginia shall determine all the questions pertaining to the construction and validity of this agreement. The parties involved agree that this contract has been executed in residing county of Starfire Schnauzers. Any action brought under this contract may be brought only within the Judicial Circuit in residing county of Starfire Schnauzers. If buyer shall default on their obligations under this agreement, which default results in expenditure of attorney fees and/or court cost, to enforce the terms of this agreement or to recover damages for breach of this agreement, or to defend against a lawsuit brought by you, then we shall receive payment for all reasonable necessary cost in anticipation, and preparation for litigation; including, but not limited to, attorney fees, and all travel expenses incurred by them and their attorney.

Removing “Starfire” from the AKC registration will nullify this agreement.

All guarantees and replacements are subject to us still having periodic schnauzer puppies. We are subject to life and situations that can impact ability to continue to do some of things we love; i.e. sharing our selective line of puppies. If for some unforeseen reason we no longer have schnauzer litters no replacement will be due to you.

It is mutually understood and agreed that all terms and agreements in this contract shall be extended to and be obligatory upon to any heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and Personal Representatives of the respective parties and/or their assigns.

I, AS THE NEW OWNER, OR HIS/HER REPRESENTATIVE, OF THIS PUPPY, HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE GUARANTEE. Without signature the Acceptance of puppy(ies) is acceptance of this agreement.

Download and fill out the form, print and mail it to us at:

Starfire Schnauzers
c/o Pam Ward
11654 Obannons Mill Road
Boston, VA 22713